Field Trip Checklist

For Download (PDF):  Cape Cod Field Trip Checklist


____ GROUP LEADER:  Have you designated a contact person/organizer for your group?

____ APPROVAL:  Has your field trip been approved by the school board and superintendent?

____ CONTRACT & DEPOSIT:  Have you communicated your needs, costs and signed the appropriate contract and submitted your deposit?

____ CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE:  Have you submitted for your insurance to provide to the vendors that require a copy?  Are they listed as “additionally insured” on the policy for your trip?

____ TAX EXEMPT STATUS:  Have you provided vendors you are using with a copy of your tax exempt certificate and/or status?

____ FUNDRAISING, SCHOLARSHIPS & MONEY COLLECTING:  How will you fund the trip?  Are you planning to host fundraisers or provide scholarships for the trip? What is your plan to collect money?  When are payments due for your vendors?

____ PARENTAL PERMISSION SLIP:  Does the school have in its possession, each child’s

signed permission slip. If a child has not given it to the proper authority at the school, then they

do not go.

____ BEHAVIOR PLAN:  What will the plan be for students who break the rules?

____ ELECTRONICS POLICY:  Do you have a policy for cell phones, gaming devices, iPods, etc?

____ MEDICAL PLAN:  Does the school have in their possession prior to and during the trip,

a list of each child and their medical history, i.e. allergies, medications, and a PDA (parent

designated adult) to administer any meds that are required for children?

____ SUPERVISION PLAN:  What is the student to chaperone ratio? Depending on student

age and the nature of the activity, we recommend 10 students to one chaperone at a minimum. We

recommend that at least one chaperone be first aid/CPR trained, and they should all have CORI/SORI

background checks done, specifically on overnight trips.

____ TRANSPORTATION PLAN:  How will the students reach their destination?

____ MEAL PLAN:  What food be provided, or are students responsible for their own meals?

Make parents aware! They will need to make arrangements for their children if you are not

providing meals. Also be sure to have a list of foods that different children are allergic to and communicate that ahead of time to your vendors, many can cater to diet and allergy needs if made aware ahead of time.

____ LODGING PLAN:  If this is an overnight trip, do the parents have the proper phone

number and address? Are there separate sleeping areas and bath/shower facilities for the boys

and girls? Make sure that the children are packed appropriately for this overnight stay. Also,

avoid situations that involve just one student and one chaperone, especially opposite sex. Make

sure chaperone’s have more than one student around them.

____ CONFIRMATION:  Have you confirmed and communicated all reservations (lodging/meeting/recreation), meals & times, and food allergies?

____ FINAL PAYMENT:  Have you confirmed final payment and are paid in full before your trip?



Following is a recommended list of the items for your trip

____ Laundry bag or large ziplock storage bags for dirty/wet clothes

____ Hat (in case of strong sun)

____ Sweaters/sweatshirts/fleece (2)

____ Underwear

____ Pants/Jeans/Shorts

____ Old sneakers/water shoes for water walking (not flip flops)

____ Towels & wash clothes (bath and beach)

____ Shirts

____ Socks

____ Rain jacket AND windbreaker

____ Pajamas

____ Sunglasses

____ Flashlight

____ Toiletries – soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, brush, shampoo and waterproof carrying bag

____ Sneakers or sturdy shoes for hiking (not the same as the shoes for water listed above)

____ Bathing suit

____ Sunscreen and insect repellent (pump spray is best)

____ Sleeping bag and blankets if sleeping bag is thin (sheets, a pillow/pillowcase are provided on each bunk)

____ Camera

____ Water bottle

____ Book

____ Spending Money (limited)


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