January, 2019

Bird Research in Action!

Bird Research in Action! Bring your group staying at Cape Cod Sea Camps to the Wellfleet Bay’s Wildlife Sanctuary to see live birds at their Bird Banding Research Station.   What is Bird Banding? Once a bird is captured in one of our 24 mist nets, a series of data is collected from the bird, and it is given a small aluminum “anklet” with a unique number, much like a fingerprint. It is the only bird in the world now wearing that ID number! Banding can reveal how, and where, migrant songbirds are using habitats to stop and refuel. This […]

Disconnect to Reconnect at Cape Cod Sea Camps

Phone Vacation A new craze is starting to form in the United States and this is a special vacation. It is not a vacation to an exotic destination or to visit family and friends. This vacation is a break from phones and other tech devices. There are many reasons people have decided to take a step back from their phones and these reasons can be very beneficial to an overall healthier life and mindset. Here are some of the reasons, thoughts and benefits of why people are taking steps back from their phones: Promotes a work-life balance When people are […]