Sustainable Practices at Cape Cod Sea Camps

SUSTAINABILITY at CAPE COD SEA CAMPS The Cape Cod Sea Camps works to educate campers and staff in environmentally sustainable practices. Cognizant of the limits of natural resources and mindful of the interconnectedness of people and environments, we seek to meet our needs while respecting the needs of future generations. Our camp’s 130 acres, which include our buildings, playing fields, and natural surroundings require an approach to stewardship that is ever evolving. Through education and understanding the impact of our individual and collective actions, Cape Cod Sea Camps prepares campers and staff to address the environmental challenges facing our communities. […]

Cape Cod Sea Camps hosts 20th Year “Leadership Weekend” Event

The Cape Cod Sea Camps in Brewster celebrated the 20th Year of their annual “Leadership Weekend” April 29 – May 1, 2016.  The weekend is for group leaders looking to plan a trip to Cape Cod and was very well attended with over thirty five participants from thirteen different school districts.  The leaders were from both current groups travelling this season to Cape Cod and prospective groups looking to plan a trip.  Attendees came from schools in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and traveling from as far as Albany, NY. The three day weekend event held the last weekend in April was planned to […]

Kellsie Sedlak welcomed as Group Manager

We are excited to welcome Kellsie Sedlak to our staff as our new Group Manager. Kellsie has worked the last two years at Camp as both an Assistant Head Counselor and Head Counselor in our Resident Camp summer program. Since leaving CCSC at the end of the summer 2014, she accepted a job at a YMCA Camp in Wisconsin as a Group Program Manager where she has been actively involved in overseeing the groups that use their 500 acre property.  She helps to run academic and recreational programs, scheduling of grounds and meals, helped with budgeting and oversees the facility […]

20th Annual Leadership Weekend Celebration

20th Annual Celebration of Leadership Weekend – April 29 – May 1, 2016 Dear Group Leader, You are invited to the 20th Annual Cape Cod Sea Camps Leadership Weekend. It will be held here on the grounds of the Cape Cod Sea Camps from Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 1st, 2016. The purpose of this weekend remains constant:  to give leaders some time “on-Cape” before arriving at a later date with a group and to offer new learning and teaching opportunities about Cape Cod. The weekend is planned to provide you with time with your leadership team, the Cape […]

Leadership Weekend 2015

LEADERSHIP WEEKEND INVITATION   May 1 to 3, 2015                       Dear Group Leader, You are invited to the 19th Annual Cape Cod Sea Camps Leadership Weekend. It will be held here on the grounds of the Cape Cod Sea Camps from Friday, May 1st to Sunday, May 3rd, 2015. The purpose of this weekend remains constant:  to give leaders some time “on-Cape” before arriving at a later date with a group and to offer new learning opportunities about Cape Cod. The weekend provides time with your leadership team, the Cape Cod Sea Camps staff,  other like-minded educators and encourages you to feel […]

Overnight Field Trip Check List

FIELD TRIP CHECKLIST   ____ GROUP LEADER:  Have you designated a contact person/organizer for your group? ____ APPROVAL:  Has your field trip been approved by the school board and superintendent? ____ CONTRACT & DEPOSIT:  Have you communicated your needs, costs and signed the appropriate contract and submitted your deposit? ____ CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE:  Have you submitted for your insurance to provide to the vendors that require a copy?  Are they listed as “additionally insured” on the policy for your trip? ____ TAX EXEMPT STATUS:  Have you provided vendors you are using with a copy of your tax exempt certificate and/or […]

Cell phones at Camp – What’s your policy?

Just imagine – sitting by the crackling campfire, stars out, beautiful Cape Cod night with owls hooting from the trees.  RINNNNNG “Hello, Mom, yes everything is fine…” Cell phones are now an important part of our work, personal life and habits.  But does the constant use of your cell phone take away from the experience of being at Camp?  Well, the short answer is YES.  However, there are some proactive approaches you can take when planning a Field Trip or Retreat to keep outside interference from impacting the overall experience of the members or the group. 1)  Come up with […]

16th Annual Leadership Weekend

We are pleased to announce the Cape Cod Sea Camps 16th Annual Leadership Weekend; a weekend of experiential education activities designed specifically for teachers and educators.  The dates will be Friday APRIL 27th – Sunday APRIL 29th. The weekend event will include a full program put on by the Cape Cod Sea Camps and host our guests with our accommodations and meals for the FREE OF CHARGE. Leadership Weekend gives you and your colleagues a chance to visit Cape Cod, take part in local interactive science studies, network with other educators and help organize your trip to Cape Cod.  Cheryl Kimberley […]

Paddling with the Seals of Nauset Marsh

Paddling with the Seals A December kayak trip filled with reflection & new discoveries     The days have shortened and the sun looms lower in the sky. No one is on the water on this December 5th day, except a few flocks of buffleheads close to the shore, winter fowl bobbing in the surf off in the distance, and lucky commercial clammers, including my dear friends Paul and Dave, still able to work the flats during this unseasonably warm weather. Pushing off from the landing at Hemenway Road, Eastham, the first paddle stroke is always the finest of the […]

Nature Deficit Disorder

Nature Deficit Disorder iPhones, iPads, Kindles and Nooks, flat screen TV’s, gaming systems;  the technology that surrounds us is both exciting and overwhelming.  Kids and adults alike are bombarded on all fronts with the multi billion dollar technology industry that stretches worldwide and is a now a way of life. For adults it is laptops, WIFI, email, iPhones, Blackberrys; a lot of times we ask ourselves “How did we ever survive before ______ (you fill in the blank…)?”  Children growing up with this new technology stimulus see this as a way of life, where we just see it as an […]