Nature Deficit Disorder

Nature Deficit Disorder iPhones, iPads, Kindles and Nooks, flat screen TV’s, gaming systems;  the technology that surrounds us is both exciting and overwhelming.  Kids and adults alike are bombarded on all fronts with the multi billion dollar technology industry that stretches worldwide and is a now a way of life. For adults it is laptops, WIFI, email, iPhones, Blackberrys; a lot of times we ask ourselves “How did we ever survive before ______ (you fill in the blank…)?”  Children growing up with this new technology stimulus see this as a way of life, where we just see it as an […]

Healthy Kids Outdoors Act Introduced in Congress!

The Healthy Kids Outdoors Act of 2011 will: Provide state-level incentives to develop five-year state strategies that connect children, youth, and families with the natural world.  Require that each state’s strategies include partnering with non-governmental organizations (such as camps), especially those that serve children, youth, and families. Require that each state provide opportunities for the public to be involved in the development and implementation of the strategies. These may include opportunities for camps and other youth-serving organizations to participate in the development of these strategies — and in the provision of outdoor opportunities for kids. Support research documenting the health, […]

7th Graders study Ocean Acidification with WHOI

Spreading the word about Ocean Acidification:   A journey to the Cape Cod Sea Camps    by Heather Benway   With a carload of cups, straws, seawater, red cabbage juice, bleach, lemon juice, seashells, yeast packets, and other miscellaneous items, I drove to the Cape Cod Sea Camps in Brewster, MA on a rainy day in mid-October to teach 36 7th graders from the Saint David’s School in NYC about ocean acidification.   The inquisitive students proved to be quick studies and great sports, as they performed various experiments that demonstrated the concepts of pH and ocean acidification.    Click here to […]

CT School Group Video Log of a Cape Cod Field Trip

Watch a short video clip about a Connecticut school group and their trip to the Cape Cod Sea Camps.