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What are the benefits of taking students on an Outdoor Education trip?

In todays world, children spend an average of 6 hours in front of a screen instead of outside enjoying the fresh air, being active and curiously exploring this amazing planet we get to call home. Many kids today, have not played outside until the street lights came on, chased lightening bugs like maniacs, or even made the biggest wish on a dandelion flower. One of the best ways to introduce kids to the outdoors, even if they do not get to experience it often in their home life, is by offering a school outdoor education trip. These trips can be […]

Cape Cod Sea Camps hosts 20th Year “Leadership Weekend” Event

The Cape Cod Sea Camps in Brewster celebrated the 20th Year of their annual “Leadership Weekend” April 29 – May 1, 2016.  The weekend is for group leaders looking to plan a trip to Cape Cod and was very well attended with over thirty five participants from thirteen different school districts.  The leaders were from both current groups travelling this season to Cape Cod and prospective groups looking to plan a trip.  Attendees came from schools in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and traveling from as far as Albany, NY. The three day weekend event held the last weekend in April was planned to […]

Overnight Field Trip Check List

FIELD TRIP CHECKLIST   ____ GROUP LEADER:  Have you designated a contact person/organizer for your group? ____ APPROVAL:  Has your field trip been approved by the school board and superintendent? ____ CONTRACT & DEPOSIT:  Have you communicated your needs, costs and signed the appropriate contract and submitted your deposit? ____ CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE:  Have you submitted for your insurance to provide to the vendors that require a copy?  Are they listed as “additionally insured” on the policy for your trip? ____ TAX EXEMPT STATUS:  Have you provided vendors you are using with a copy of your tax exempt certificate and/or […]

16th Annual Leadership Weekend

We are pleased to announce the Cape Cod Sea Camps 16th Annual Leadership Weekend; a weekend of experiential education activities designed specifically for teachers and educators.  The dates will be Friday APRIL 27th – Sunday APRIL 29th. The weekend event will include a full program put on by the Cape Cod Sea Camps and host our guests with our accommodations and meals for the FREE OF CHARGE. Leadership Weekend gives you and your colleagues a chance to visit Cape Cod, take part in local interactive science studies, network with other educators and help organize your trip to Cape Cod.  Cheryl Kimberley […]

Paddling with the Seals of Nauset Marsh

Paddling with the Seals A December kayak trip filled with reflection & new discoveries     The days have shortened and the sun looms lower in the sky. No one is on the water on this December 5th day, except a few flocks of buffleheads close to the shore, winter fowl bobbing in the surf off in the distance, and lucky commercial clammers, including my dear friends Paul and Dave, still able to work the flats during this unseasonably warm weather. Pushing off from the landing at Hemenway Road, Eastham, the first paddle stroke is always the finest of the […]

Nature Deficit Disorder

Nature Deficit Disorder iPhones, iPads, Kindles and Nooks, flat screen TV’s, gaming systems;  the technology that surrounds us is both exciting and overwhelming.  Kids and adults alike are bombarded on all fronts with the multi billion dollar technology industry that stretches worldwide and is a now a way of life. For adults it is laptops, WIFI, email, iPhones, Blackberrys; a lot of times we ask ourselves “How did we ever survive before ______ (you fill in the blank…)?”  Children growing up with this new technology stimulus see this as a way of life, where we just see it as an […]

Healthy Kids Outdoors Act Introduced in Congress!

The Healthy Kids Outdoors Act of 2011 will: Provide state-level incentives to develop five-year state strategies that connect children, youth, and families with the natural world.  Require that each state’s strategies include partnering with non-governmental organizations (such as camps), especially those that serve children, youth, and families. Require that each state provide opportunities for the public to be involved in the development and implementation of the strategies. These may include opportunities for camps and other youth-serving organizations to participate in the development of these strategies — and in the provision of outdoor opportunities for kids. Support research documenting the health, […]

7th Graders study Ocean Acidification with WHOI

Spreading the word about Ocean Acidification:   A journey to the Cape Cod Sea Camps    by Heather Benway   With a carload of cups, straws, seawater, red cabbage juice, bleach, lemon juice, seashells, yeast packets, and other miscellaneous items, I drove to the Cape Cod Sea Camps in Brewster, MA on a rainy day in mid-October to teach 36 7th graders from the Saint David’s School in NYC about ocean acidification.   The inquisitive students proved to be quick studies and great sports, as they performed various experiments that demonstrated the concepts of pH and ocean acidification.    Click here to […]

NYC School Group teams up with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Cape Cod, By Jove! A Full Week Features a New Dimension – An Afternoon of Science, Courtesy of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution  What weather! I do not remember a continuous stretch of mid-October warmth in Brewster such as we had this past week. We had our share of wetness, mind you– Wednesday afternoon into Thursday brought an unending series of waves of heavy rain. But even on the two clear overnight periods on Monday and Thursday, the temperature was stable and surprisingly mild. Another surprise was our miraculous luck with the rain; it only came down heavily when we […]

CT School Group Video Log of a Cape Cod Field Trip

Watch a short video clip about a Connecticut school group and their trip to the Cape Cod Sea Camps.