Cell phones at Camp – What’s your policy?

Just imagine – sitting by the crackling campfire, stars out, beautiful Cape Cod night with owls hooting from the trees.  RINNNNNG “Hello, Mom, yes everything is fine…”

Cell phones are now an important part of our work, personal life and habits.  But does the constant use of your cell phone take away from the experience of being at Camp?  Well, the short answer is YES.  However, there are some proactive approaches you can take when planning a Field Trip or Retreat to keep outside interference from impacting the overall experience of the members or the group.

1)  Come up with a cell phone policy for your group and relay the expectations to all your members attending

2) Set designated times & areas for cell phone calls

3) Explain the benefits of disconnecting for your retreat or field trip and the learning experience

For more information, please check out the below article about cell phones at Camp