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Phone Vacation

A new craze is starting to form in the United States and this is a special vacation. It is not a vacation to an exotic destination or to visit family and friends. This vacation is a break from phones and other tech devices. There are many reasons people have decided to take a step back from their phones and these reasons can be very beneficial to an overall healthier life and mindset. Here are some of the reasons, thoughts and benefits of why people are taking steps back from their phones:

Promotes a work-life balance

When people are readily available to their coworkers, work tasks, school work, and items that reflect directly to work, they feel like they are always working. If we take a step back from phones for a few hours after work and on the weekends, it shows that we value our personal time. Try taking an evening or a weekend off from checking work related emails and calls. This will help keep the work-life balance under control.

Promotes Better Sleep

There are recent studies that suggest excessive cell phone use, especially right before bed, correlates to poor sleeping habits and insomnia. When we use our phones right before bed, we are setting ourselves up for a bad night’s sleep. For a better night sleep, try charging your phone in a different location that is not next to where you sleep. If you want to break this habit but still need an alarm in the morning, try using a traditional alarm and leave your phone alone until the morning.

Promotes Better Self-Esteem

There is evidence that suggests that Facebook and other social media sites contribute to low self-esteem. When we look at your phone to see what others are doing or look like, we start to compare ourselves to them without meaning to. We are comparing ourselves to someone else’s highlight reel. When we’re online, we only see the perfect families, the perfect vacations, perfect weddings and other items that are not clear representations of other people’s lives. When we only see these parts of people’s lives, it causes us to judge our own life and think we have a terrible life. Due to this reason, it’s always a good idea to take a step back from your phone and be in the moment with your friends and family instead of comparing yourself to others.

Promotes less materialism

Anytime we get on Instagram, Pinterest or other sites, we are blasted with images of products and clothing that we are encouraged to buy. One study suggests that social media in general increases a person’s materialism. When we are forced images of products every time we’re online, we tend to buy more. So, when we spend less time online and on social media accounts, we will be inclined to buy less.

Promotes Being Present

Have you ever gone to a concert or an event and at the end you feel like you weren’t actually there? This is commonly due to holding a phone to videotape the entire time and you didn’t actually witness much with your actual eyes. How does this always happen? This is because we want to keep memories forever on our cherished phone, however, we tend to lose the feeling of being really present. A tasty meal turns into an Instagram photo instead of a cherished meal. An engagement turns into a photo with a ring on Facebook with fun hashtags and check ins. If every milestone turns into a social media opportunity, are we really living or just posting? So next time put down your phone and enjoy the moments instead of posting about them.

Promotes Safe Driving

When we drive, we do not shut off our usual habits. One of these habits is checking our phone. The University of Michigan found that since people are so use to checking their phone, they may not even realize they are doing something wrong while driving until after the fact. This is a scary finding since most people, especially youth and young adults are tied to their phone. Placing your phone into a place in your car that cannot be accessed until you are stopped is the first step to taking a step back from your phone while driving.

Promotes Better Relationships

Have you been to a dinner where you are out with people but you are not really there? How many times have you looked around and realized that everyone is focused on their phones playing Candy Crush or checking Instagram? We are so compelled to check our phone and see what others are up to, we often forget to be in the moment and spend time with the people around us. Placing your phone into a place that you cannot access it during social outings has to be healthier than living in your cyber life the entire time.

Promotes Better Focus

When working on tasks, having a phone next to you, even on silent can make it almost impossible to focus. You constantly want to check your phone for notifications and the gratification of a “like” or “comment” on Facebook or Instagram. Taking a break from your phone can greatly improve your focus when reading, studying or finishing up work.

Remember Who You Are Without a Phone

Along with all the items listed above, taking a vacation from your phone allows you to remember who you really are. You can remember what your favorite food tastes like without the Instagram likes. Remember what it feels like to communicate and laugh with friends face to face. You can remember what it is like to navigate in your car without the GPS. Taking a break from your phone allows you remember who you are as a person not as a person controlled by a small piece of technology. To fully find yourself you must disconnect to reconnect.


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Kellsie Sedlak

Groups Manager