Healthy Kids Outdoors Act Introduced in Congress!

The Healthy Kids Outdoors Act of 2011 will:

  • Provide state-level incentives to develop five-year state strategies that connect children, youth, and families with the natural world. 
  • Require that each state’s strategies include partnering with non-governmental organizations (such as camps), especially those that serve children, youth, and families.
  • Require that each state provide opportunities for the public to be involved in the development and implementation of the strategies. These may include opportunities for camps and other youth-serving organizations to participate in the development of these strategies — and in the provision of outdoor opportunities for kids.
  • Support research documenting the health, conservation, and other benefits of active time spent outdoors in the natural world.
  • Direct the President of the United States to develop a similar strategy at the Federal level by bringing together federal agencies and national partners to create a national action plan.

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