Nature Deficit Disorder

Nature Deficit Disorder

iPhones, iPads, Kindles and Nooks, flat screen TV’s, gaming systems;  the technology that surrounds us is both exciting and overwhelming. 

Kids and adults alike are bombarded on all fronts with the multi billion dollar technology industry that stretches worldwide and is a now a way of life. For adults it is laptops, WIFI, email, iPhones, Blackberrys; a lot of times we ask ourselves “How did we ever survive before ______ (you fill in the blank…)?”  Children growing up with this new technology stimulus see this as a way of life, where we just see it as an alternative to how we used to get the job done or a new means of entertaining ourselves.

Here’s the problem though; and we all know it, kids are throwing aside time with family, playing outdoors, playing sports, and just plain being kids so that they can be entertained by the 50 inch plasma with Guitar Hero.  “Nature Deficit Disorder” is what we call it.

How do we solve the problem?  Well, we probably can’t entirely, after all – it’s a huge billion dollar industry and money drives the pendulum.   But, I’d like to think that one solution is Camp.  The whole idea of Camp, whether you come for the summer, a school field trip, or a weekend retreat; is that Camp takes you away from everyday life, away from the distractions, and allows you to learn by experiencing something new in a place that is safe.  “Camp is camp is camp” is the phrase often used by many people in the camping industry because when you are bombarded by the newest technology, Camp doesn’t change.

Article by:  Garran Peterson

Source of Cartoon: Boston Globe